Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathrooms in St. Louis ​

Quite often life in the big cities doesn’t give you a lot of choices and you have to live in a small apartment. One of the tiniest rooms is usually the bathroom, which makes it hard to change and to add something fresh to it. Many people in St. Louis struggle with their projects for bathroom remodeling and can’t find any good solutions to fix the washing room and to make something new out of it. Seek out reputable home remodeling contractors of St. Louis. There are some good ideas that will help you change the way the whole room looks and even make it bigger visually.

 Top 8 Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom

    1. Visit the local flea market.
      This is an interesting idea for those who don’t want to seem boring and go with the common ways. It’s not all the IKEA stuff, you can always add something unusual, something bold and rustic. Flea markets can quite often offer you some of the most interesting solutions and you can find good furniture for cheap.
    2. Throw the tub away.
      When you’re doing bathroom remodeling in St. Louis, you really don’t want to leave out You should use each and every foot you have and the tub occupies a lot of space. It’s much better to use the shower in the big city and St. Louis requires you to be bold and fast, and don’t waste any minute.
    3. Turn to pastel colors.
      This is a good choice for those who want to relax and to make the washing room their relaxation place. You want to forget the stress and the negative things and this is easier if you use mild and soft colors.
    4. Check out something more expensive.
      If you’re not doing the whole flat at once and just working on your bathroom, you can check some more expensive things. There is no need to save on the remodeling of the small places, so you can go with something little bit more luxurious.
  1. Add glass and mirrors.
    Those will be the best for the tiny places and you can make a big difference in the way the room looks with the full-scale mirror.
  2. Use the space rationally.
    If you have a tiny bathroom, you better use the space, stock up and hide all of the non-important things. There are many items you don’t use very often and when they are all over the countertop, it looks messy and full.
  3. Open the shelves.
    Open space is a good idea for many things and you can make your renovating project much easier and quicker since it doesn’t require a lot of time.
  4. Add a splash of color.
    Something bright in the room will turn attention to itself and be quite interesting to look at and it will also turn away the attention from the size of the room.

There are many choices for the small rooms and many ways you can make them effective and functional. And one of the huge advantages is that you can go big with those, you can get something out of marble, make it a master bath and enjoy it. Go bold and think of the new and exciting ideas to be unique.